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Prices include travel within 20 Kms of Galway City

Custom Packages are available for companies who require more slots
Chair Massage options are also available

Corporate Massage in Galway

Introducing our Corporate Massage Packages, designed to bring the ultimate relaxation and well-being to your workplace. Our offerings are crafted to suit the diverse needs of your team, providing a rejuvenating experience that enhances both morale and productivity.

Once-Off Corporate Massage - €550 Ex VAT
Treat your team to a luxurious break with our Once-Off Corporate Massage package at just €550 excluding VAT. Choose between nine indulgent 45-minute table massages or twelve efficient 30-minute table massages. Our expert therapists will bring the relaxation directly to your workplace, ensuring a seamless and rejuvenating experience for your employees.

Monthly On-Site Corporate Massage - €400 Per Month Ex VAT
Elevate your workplace wellness with our Monthly On-Site Corporate Massage subscription, priced at an attractive €400 excluding VAT per month. Opt for either nine revitalizing 45-minute table massages or twelve invigorating 30-minute table massages every month. This subscription is a commitment to the well-being of your team, fostering a positive and energized work atmosphere.

On-Site Weekly Corporate Massage - €1600 Per Month Ex VAT:
For those seeking a more frequent wellness routine, our On-Site Weekly Corporate Massage option is available at €1600 per month excluding VAT. Enjoy nine blissful 45-minute table massages or twelve efficient 30-minute table massages every week. This intensive package ensures that your team experiences the benefits of relaxation on a consistent basis, promoting overall health and happiness.

Invest in your team's well-being and create a workplace that values both productivity and self-care. Our Corporate Massage Packages are the perfect way to show your employees that their health and happiness matter. Book your package today and transform your workplace into a hub of relaxation and positivity.

Terms & Conditions Apply

corporate galway massage for your staff

The Benefits of Corporate Massage: How To Increase Productivity

Massage has been used for centuries as a way to help people relax, relieve stress, and recover from muscle aches. In the modern workplace, massage is also increasingly being recognized as an effective way to boost employee performance and company productivity.
These days, many employees spend long hours at their desk. On top of this, office life is stressful and people are often tense from deadlines and pressure to perform. The result? A lot of employees are experiencing pain in their neck, shoulders, arms, hands and back—all common problems associated with prolonged computer usage.
Massage can be an excellent solution to these issues because it provides a cost-effective way to help employees deal with the physical strains of work while also boosting their performance. Implementing massage programs at your company will have numerous benefits that extend beyond alleviating aches and pains or reducing stress. Let’s take a look at what corporate massage can do for your business...

Get in touch with Robert today to organise a massage day to show your workforce that you care.

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