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Reasons to get maintenance massages!

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

It’s always nice to treat yourself. So why not treat you and your body to a massage? Massage is a great way of looking after both the mind and body. Routine, regular maintenance massages are eve better again. There are different types of massage for different types of scenarios, these include hot tissue and sports injury massages. Maintenance massages are routine massages a person gets on a regular basis.

Not everyone will need the same type of massage. There are different types of massages for different needs. Communicating with your masseuse, you can work out exactly what it is you need and how often you need it. Your maintenance massages will help relieve your soft tissues which help provide relaxation and stress relief. Your masseuse will only ever work at a pressure you are comfortable with. Maintenance massages can help you truly switch off from your switched on lifestyle, which can sometimes be a difficult thing to do.

People get maintenance massages for all kinds of reasons. Some of these include aches and pains in the body, stiffness from sitting at a desk all day, muscle tightness and tension, if you experience any of these, then massages could be the solution for you. Regular massages have many positive affects on the body, you will find your mood to be happier and your body in overall better shape as a result.

Some further benefits of maintenance massages are:

  • Reducing stress and increasing relaxation.

  • Reducing pain and muscle soreness and tension.

  • Improving circulation, energy and alertness.

  • Lowering heart rate and blood pressure.

  • Improving immune function.

  • Improve physical fitness.

While preventing injury and aiding the body, maintenance massages are also great for your muscles. Muscle benefits include:

  • reduced muscle tension.

  • improved circulation.

  • stimulation of the lymphatic system.

  • reduction of stress hormones.

  • relaxation.

  • increased joint mobility and flexibility.

  • improved skin tone.

  • improved recovery of soft tissue injuries

Above are just some of the benefits of maintenance massages and why people enjoy them so much! Phoenix Massage Galway caters for all types of needs, our masseuse will listen attentively while helping you figure out what type of massage will suit you the best and help provide the best possible results!

If looking for routine maintenance massages in Galway, look no further, Phoenix Massage Galway is your destination!

For more info on massages, or to get in touch with Phoenix Massage Galway, please visit , or find us on Facebook and Instagram!

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