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What are the benefits of a Workplace Massage Programme for your employees?

When your employees come to work, they may already be experiencing pressures of their own. As a boss it is important for you not only provide the best possible working conditions but also empower them with support and understanding so that they can do well outside of office hours too - this will help avoid burnout! No matter how dedicated an individual seems on paper or in person there's always going to be some form stress at any given point throughout each day which has serious negative impacts on quality job performance if left unchecked over time.

Workplace massage therapy explained?

Workplace massage therapy in Ireland is also known as corporate chair massages, and it's a non-invasive treatment that can help office workers if they spend their day sitting at a desk. The massage includes stretches for the back, shoulders/neck area with hands and even wrists included! This means no need to travel out or pay high costs when providing this service right there on site - saving time & money too!.

How can workplace massage be beneficial for employees?

One of the most significant benefits that office massage can provide is an increase in staff efficiency and workplace morale. After receiving such a session, employees are more energized than before with less anxiety or depression symptoms present on their profile as well! Even just 15 minutes under one's desk will have amplifying effects on your work environment for hours afterwards too

Everyone wants better focus, productivity, and mental clarity

When we're mentally clear, the result is less likely to make mistakes or leave tasks unfinished. With a clearer head for work, people can stay focused and productive throughout their day which will only lead them into being more successful at what they do!

Massage can help with employee morale in the workplace

Investing in workplace massage is an excellent way of showing that you care about your employees. You'll be able to enjoy the support they give during busy times and morale as a whole will go up too!

What are the immediate physical benefits of Workplace massage

Corporate chair massages are a great way to help reduce back pain and tension at work, especially for those with repetitive movements. A decrease of 48% was seen in studies on stress related injuries following sessions as well!

In addition corporate chairs can also improve immune function by up to 35%.

Get in touch with Phoenix Massage Galway and show your staff you care

Do you want to invest in your employees' health and wellbeing? Contact us today for more information about how corporate massage therapy could benefit them! We have the perfect solution that will make their day, week, or year.

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